Practice Responsibility

Always be Safe

Will be Trustworthy

Show Respect


Bus - Arrival / Dismissal


Hallway / Stairs

Bathroom / Drinking Fountain



Practice Responsibility

Walk in line to the bus with class. (WHOA) Be on time. Bring homework. Take your belongings with you.

Bathroom before lunch. Get everything you need Pay attention so line moves. Sit with class or where told. Pick-up all that you drop/use (trash).

Walk on right. Hands to sides. One step from wall. Always quiet (WHOA) Be on time. Have everything you need with you.

Report any problems. Keep make-up and clothing at home. Use inside voice. Follow adult directions immediately

Be dressed for the weather. Line up quickly when bell or whistle sounds. (WHOA). Keep school supplies and purses in school.

Be on time. Have the needed materials with you(pencil, books, etc.) Bring your homework home and back the next day.

Always be Safe

Get on the bus, STAY on the bus. Keep hands and feet to yourself for personal safety.

Always sitting. Keep hands and feet to yourself for personal safety.

Walk facing forward. Keep hands and feet to yourself for personal safety. Use hand rails. Walk up one stair at a time.

Keep water in sink & on hands. Wipe up/Report spills. Keep hands and feet to yourself for personal safety.

Use equipment properly. One direction DOWN on slides. Swing sitting on your bottom. Rocks, wood chips, snow-balls stay on the ground.

Keep hands and feet to yourself for personal safety Sit in your seat, (4 on the floor)

Will be Trustworthy

Go directly to bus and get on, STAY on. Follow bus rules. Use sidewalks, watch flower beds. Return items found to office.

4 people per section. Eat your own food. Raise hand to get staff assistance. Always sitting

Use only your locker, quietly. Return items found to office

Go. Flush. Wash hands. Trash in can. Wait your turn at drinking fountain. Return directly and quietly to class. (WHOA)

Play fairly by following the game rules. Let others have a turn. Stay on the area marked as the playground.

Use your own materials. Clean up after yourself. Wait your turn. Do your own work each day.

Show Respect

Use inside voice on bus. Follow adult directions immediately. Leave toys and CD players at home.

Keep food on your plate and utensils. Use inside voice and Please, Thank You and You're Welcome. Line-up to go outside, (WHOA)

Walk on right. Hands to side. One step from wall. Always quiet. (WHOA) Follow adult directions immediately.

Knock on door. 1 person in stall. Lock / Unlock own door. Close door carefully and appropriately.

Take turns, share the equipment and balls. Include everyone. Kick only kick balls. Follow adult directions immediately.

Be Quiet and Listen. Use kind words. Raise hand for staff assistance. Follow adult directions immediately .