The decision to go with remote learning for the first nine weeks was not an easy one to make and came only after many hours of discussion, input from a wide range of individuals and groups and from the survey responses that your parents submitted over the past few weeks.

What you did in the spring for remote learning is not what you can expect this fall. As Mr. Heitmeyer’s messages have said, “This time it counts.” Attendance will be taken daily, assignments will be graded and participation and your best effort are expected. Your teachers have been working extremely hard to make sure that you can have the best remote learning opportunity possible and we are looking for your best as well.

Learner Expectations

  • Attend and participate in class regularly
  • Complete assignments on time
  • Communicate with your teachers regularly
    • “Virtual class”, email, phone calls, text
  • Attend your teacher’s office hours to get additional help
  • Stick to a schedule
  • Get some exercise
  • Read - pick up a book, a magazine or newspaper

Parent Expectations

  • Hold your students accountable
  • Help them stick to a schedule
  • Help with academics as best you can and encourage your student to reach out to their teachers for help as well
  • Give grace, this is a new way of teaching and learning and mistakes will happen but that is how we learn and improve
  • Communicate with teachers with questions or concerns

Teacher Expectations

  • Connect, communicate and collaborate
  • Hold both synchronous classes and assign asynchronous work
  • Be available for students and families each school day
    • Classes in the morning and office hours in the afternoon
  • Grade assignments promptly
  • Communicate with students and families regularly