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Choral Music at Baldwin Schools

            By Julie Rhodes


 I have been working with all elementary students in preparation for our spring concert, which is to be held June 14 at 6:30 p.m.The concert has a global-based water theme, and I have been teaching them about one of our greater global challenges - access to clean water and sanitation.   We have learned about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we are reading "A Long Walk To Water" in the upper el levels.   All children at all grade levels are aware that our easy access to clean drinking water is a gift we must not take for granted.   

As a culmination of this project, in partnership with Water First International, we are having a "Singing for Change" change drive. I am asking children to bring in change, and we are collecting it in the same type of drinking water container that many children have to walk to obtain water in around the world.   Additionally, I have made a fundraising website.   Please feel free to share this with friends and family via social media or email.   Here is a link to the site:  

Our goal is collect $1,000.    
Thank you in advance for Giving!

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