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The Balanced Calendar

A Balanced Calendar is an alternative way of constructing a school calendar year. In the strictest sense, a Balanced Calendar takes the days that children are in school and parses them out differently than the traditionally thought-of school year. In traditional calendars, students attend school for nine months (180 days) and then a three-month summer vacation (90 days). Balanced calendars break this up into different segments, but with total instruction time still of 180 days. Common balanced calendars are the  45/15 (45 days of instruction, 15 days of vacation); Normal holiday breaks are also incorporated into those calendars.

What is the Educational Value of Balancing the Calendar?

  • Continuous instruction and Learning

  • Less learning loss

  • Quicker intervention

  • Increased opportunities for planning and preparation

  • Higher attendance rates for students

  • Fewer teacher substitute days

  • Eliminates summer learning loss




Balanced Calendar 2015-2016
Printable information on the Balanced Calendar

Balanced Calendar Implementation Plan
Roll out plans for the Balanced Calendar

Balanced Calendar FAQ Sheet
Information on the Balanced Calendar

BCS - Balanced Calendar
Printable information on the Balanced Calendar

The Calendar Committee

Balancing the Calendar
An Innovative Approach to Education By Superintendent Stiles Simmons

Balanced Calendar Survey Results
Survey results from Parents, Staff, and Community Members

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